Tricia discovered her passion for gemstones at a young age of 17 and started collecting geodes and rocks. She read every book she could get her hands on to expand her knowledge of geology. Her interests grew into beads and jewelry making.  Living in Southern California at the time made it much easier to indulge her creativity, with the abundance of bead stores in the area. At first, she started making earrings for herself, but her friends admired her designs and asked if they could purchase them from her. And just like that, her hobby became profitable.


     Throughout college at the University of California at Riverside, her small venture started to expand. She tried many different styles of jewelry, all the while selling to friends and her sorority sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta.  Shortly after graduation with her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, she moved to Raleigh, NC to be near her family.


        After moving to a new area, Tricia took a sabbatical from jewelry, and she was only making pieces for herself and family. Things soon changed thanks to her sister, Amy; Amy’s high school was holding a bazaar to raise money for Prom, and she was asked to be a vendor.  After a very successful show, Tricia developed her hobby into a small part-time business over the last 10 years. Today Tricia sells at several different shows and has created quite a following of her designs, including special orders for custom pieces and special occasions. Currently, in between shows, she is designing a line of jewelry in which she hopes to get picked up by a major department store.



Over the past 20 years, Tricia has made it a priority to learn new techniques to keep her unique jewelry designs fresh and appealing. She has mastered wire wrapping, chain, and stringing techniques, and she has recently incorporated silversmithing skills into her designs. Tricia is also making custom molds to cast unique pieces made of resin to integrate into her collection. She has also been taking classes to further her credentials in the jewelry industry, with the Gem Institute of America, online.


Currently Tricia resides outside of Raleigh in Youngsville, North Carolina with her wonderful husband of 7 years, Brian and two dogs. Tricia’s biggest satisfaction is the feedback she gets from her customers or seeing them wearing one of her pieces. Her dreams for her business are big. With a lot of hard work and ambition, maybe, someday, they will all come true!